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Late July Early August Message

Ahhh ~  we enter the second half of the year.

Feeling the sense of an earthy gallop and flight.


Unicorns are part of nature, very much part of our dreams, and absolutely live in our hearts.  

They symbolize our longing for the mystery

and unattainable.


We may think Independence in July and August.

I like Interdependence, as I feel interconnected webs influencing every step, blink, and wink.  


As we delve into what we wish for not knowing

how it can possibly be in our relationships and creations of all kinds ~ tune to the wisdom of those who have gone before us, welcome them and send wishes for their play.  


Invite the unknown while giving up

the overactive mind,

allowing the truth to unfold

as it inevitably is.


Blossoming Wishes 

Love, Shelley

Always be yourself
Unless you can be a unicorn
Then be a unicorn
The Internet's Own Boy

















Aaron Swartz ~ do you know him?  

He will be a great part of history moving forward.  

Aaron was a child technological prodigy, a computer programmer, hacker, freedom of information activist,

and humanitarian.  

I saw a screening of The Internet's Own Boy at

Aspen Ideas Festival, a think tank event part of Aspen Institute.  The film maker Brian Knappenberger spoke after the screening along with MayDay Pac founder, Harvard Law professor

and legal activist Lawrence Lessig.


 I was moved deeply by the brilliance of a young boy

to bring truth and social justice to the world.


You can watch the Creative Commons version of

The Internet's Own Boy FREE here or rent/buy it

here from Vimeo and it is playing in movie theaters now.  

Thank you Aaron and RIP.










Understanding Breath
relating from the heart


Begin a steady rhythmic breath

inhaling and exhalingfrom the nostrils.


Now begin breathing
from the seat of the eyes.  
Perceive your breath and the life force

in and from the eyes.


Now begin breathing 

from the seat of the ears. 

 Listening and feeding prana

into your hearing.


Now begin breathing 

from the seat of the mouth.  

Taste the prana.


Now begin breathing

 from the seat of the nose.  

Smell the fragrance of prana.


 Now begin breathing

 from the seat of the skin.  

Feel the life force dance

on the nerve endings of the skin.


Now breathe from within.

Knowing your divine presence.


Excerpt from 
The Ecstasy of Practice 

by Shelley

available on Amazon kindle




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