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December 2014 Forecast

Wishing you a Merry End of Year 

and all you celebrate.  I feel a complete

change in the air, north winds blowing

in the new.


I  am thrilled to share my new yoga video

Archetypal Yoga, an 18 minute yoga practice,

perfectly attainable  for even the busiest of schedules.  Blossom Your Presence Yoga

an ideal gift to yourself and loved ones.


The last month of the year is quintessential  

time to honor the past and all who have

walked before.  A grand time for storytelling sharing simplicity and humor

through tales from the heart.  

And most of all as the longest night of

the year comes to be, Dream!  

Dream of all the magnificent love and joy

you can possibly imagine, then squeeze out

a little more grandeur.


Blossoming Wishes,


Archetypal Yoga

All new, hot off the camera,
18 minutes of yoga to rejuvenate and renew.


Are you looking to cultivate a healthier body?

Want to delve into a peaceful effortless flow in your life?  This short practice is perfectly attainable.  Archetypal Yoga asana practice is one of the eight limbs of yoga in the Blossom Your Presence Package.   Blossom Your Yoga Now

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The Art of Story

Have you ever been around a stranger, 
 felt little from them or even gained a bad impression?  Later upon hearing one of their life stories 

found a deeply moving connection.  


Stories connect us to our humanity, oneness, 

and the melodiousness of our hearts.  

Storytelling is an ancient art at the foundation 

of many cultures.  


I love to tell the stories of my life and lives of others, finding myself a listener amazed as I share.  

Hearing the journeys of other earthlings, I feel the words run through my bones 

expanding my heart now knowing another path of life.  I have just written a biography of stories traveling the arts of wellness. 


May you also write the stories of your life through imagination, writing, or any of the arts.

Rewriting many times as your consciousness blossoms honoring where you came from while directing where you are going.


Honoring Our Ancestors

You are the fairy tale told by your ancestors.

~ Toba Beta

Bring into your spacious heart space 

and mind's eye your maternal ancestors.  

Honor their  challenges with reverence knowing their walk has paved the way into your life now.   In your unique way send your respects and best wishes.  Tune in, so as to receive your maternal ancestors connection.



Now bring into your spacious heart space and mind's eye your paternal ancestors.   


Honor their  challenges with reverence knowing their walk has paved the way into your life now.

In your unique way send your respects and best wishes.  Tune in, so as to receive your paternal ancestors connection.

Dream of a Moment

Dream of a moment when your mothers and fathers, sons and daughters would embrace you 

when they realize the trust they reposed in you 

has come true.


Dream of a moment when in your family, 

the coolness of hurt is replaced 

by the warmth of Love.

Dream of a moment when all who know turn you in to an ideal to be emulated.


Dream of a moment when even those dislike you are touched by your acts of kindness

and looked upon you with esteem.


Dream of a moment when millions will bless the moment you were born.


Dream of yourself being part of a world that knows no division.


Dream of an Earth where the rivers are full, the forest green, sunlight bright,

mountains tall and laughter everywhere.


After you have dreamed pray to the Cosmic Dreamer to help turn these in to realities,

fatigued with excitement, move then into the quiet of your consciousness.


 ~ Sri Bhagavan 

co founder of The Oneness University

© 2012 by Blossoming Presence  All rights reserved



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