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November Message


Happy November!
I am having an empirical experience

teaching a secular yoga class with an ordinary title.

We are opening the body, relaxing,
addressing tinges of pain that arise.  Contemplating self, accepting normal polarity

of mind, and recognizing our inner wisdom.


Many people  think of yoga as having to be limber,

spiritual, a much better person than I truly am,

and other exclusions.  When in truth it is an ongoing process of awareness exactly where we are
through the 
whole being.


The more ordinary, the more real and powerful 

the practice of yoga is helping us to play life
meeting each ongoing hill and valley with creativity.


However "you" are, that is how "your" practice is.

So if you are spiritual, religious, atheist, and every in between that is your gift to the world, your unique expression applied to your practice of yoga.


In acceptance of our own life path and the

expression of others we find more ease,

release of conflict and define what oneness
or interconnection
 is for our self. 


Thanks & Giving Wishes,



Knowledge is gained
through the mind's observance of life.


Wisdom is gained
through the heart's observance of life.

Blossom Your Presence

This month I recommend with all my heart:

Blossom Your Presence Online Practice

a treasure chest of  journeys, audios, videos, music, and stories to embody an ancient practice perfect for our Now time

creating a bright future.   


Practice at your own pace revisiting time

and again for expanding your being.


I am receiving rave reviews of breakthroughs and joy of practice.  End of year and holiday season are the best times for delving into your new beginnings and sharing these gifts

with others.


Blossom Your Presence 

Wendy Whelan of New York City Ballet
gave her final performance last month, October, 

after 30 years of stunning gifts to the art world 

via the human form expressing.


A Great Artist's Note to the World

Dance alone has held purpose for me.

It has been my silent partner all these years,my guardian angel.  

We communicate each day and like every relationship 
sometimes struggle to understand each other. 


Dancing has worked me to the extremes 
of exhaustion and exhilaration.  
It has given me anxiety and soothed me from it. 

It has nursed me through heartache.


Dance has asked me to define my individuality

and ultimately to redefine my own notions of beauty.  


It has made me aware of my ego 

and the complexities of having one.


Dance has shown me the beauty of humility.  

It has helped me develop a capacity for awareness,

to find beauty in so many fleeting moments.


To be a dancer is to work within an art form
that lives and dies in nearly the same instant 
in this sense, 
offers powerful lessons in mortality.


~Wendy Whelan

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Gifts For You


Thank you for your journey, your life.

Thank you for persevering 

through ebb and flow, 

Thank you for shining bright 

at this special time here on Earth, 

steadfastly creating a more

beautiful place for us all to live.


Enjoy these gifts:  documentary films, meditations, music, and reading

warming your heart through the holidays. 


Awaken The World The Film

The Animal Communicator

Loving Kindness Meditation

Chakra Meditation

Divine Breath

Tonglen Meditation

Compassion Meditation 

Compassion Mantra

Poetry of the Yoga Sutras 


Gifts For You

Thanks Giving Meditation

crystallized water photo 
of words and feelings of Love and Gratitude 
taken by Dr. Masaru Emoto


Begin to reflect upon all that you are grateful for.


Reflect upon the people in your life you are grateful for ~


Reflect upon objects and things you are grateful for ~

Reflect upon situations and also challenges you are grateful for ~

Reflect upon animals and nature you are grateful for ~

Allow gratitude for your past 


with a spirit of acceptance and understanding.


Allow gratitude for what is to come.


Remain steady in this state of wealth,


the contemplation of great~full~ness.

You may notice the enhancement in the spac


around you as enter abundance with thanksgiving. 


an excerpt from

The Ecstasy of Practice

by Shelley


Look inside 
Full color book $30
Kindle edition only $4.99



The Energy of Attraction








21 Day Free Meditation Series


Beginning November 3rd 

Deepak Chopra and Oprah bring forward 

a new online and free meditation series.  

I have been doing them for quite a while 

and truly love these 21 day series.  

A meditation is delivered to you online or retrieve from their site.  Each meditation ranges from 10- 15 minutes unfolding over the three weeks to solidify the pattern in one's consciousness. 


Energy of Attraction