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October Message

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 Pondered on the message this month. 

Let's see ~~~  

Mercury Retrograde

Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse

New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse

Yom Kippur & Sukkot

Eid & Islamic New Year

All Hallows Eve

& United Nations Day


And arrived at ~ 

send a love letter of simplicity

a cyber jar of sweets.


One regret dear world, 

that I am determined not to have 

when I am lying on my deathbed 

is that I did not kiss you enough.


Love, hugs & auspicious wishes

this packed full season! 



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California Poppies 

symbolic of beauty, magic, and tenderness.

Medicine delivered to you now. 

Chakra Dhyana

Balancing and activating the kundalini

in each of the seven chakras 

through sound, color, and geometry.

A beautiful meditation

for the greatness you truly are. 

Love Through Ballet

Polina Seminova, principal dancer for American Ballet Theater,

 shows the beauty and loftiness 

of the human body and spirit.

Love Through Epic Reads

Love for you, others, all

amidst the ebb and flow.


Enjoy a reflective meditation from
The Ecstasy of Practice


Heal ~ to return to nature