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April Message


Our privilege and adventure
to discover our own special light


~ Evelyn Dunbar
April is a Blossoming month!

Energies are high for change and courage.  
Listen, learn, and swim toward the light.


Astrologically there will be a cardinal cross forming in the sky with four planets:  
Pluto, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus


We will also experience a lunar eclipse
followed by a solar eclipse this month.



Open to be the greatness you truly are.    
Allow the extremes of life to process with fullness of heart.
I have some wonderful tools to slow down, smell the roses, and enjoy the ride.

With love,


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Brightening Perception
If the doors to perception were cleansed 

everything would appear as it is, infinite.
~ William Blake


Deepak Chopra is offering a course redefining the way
we think 
of ourselves,our bodies, and aging.  
A wonderful gift into vibrant healthy living. 
The Timeless You


A new free 21 day meditation series with Oprah & Deepak.
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Going With The Flow

Perception Meditation

Begin to contemplate your relationshipto life itself or the source.

Notice what your relationship to life is based on ~

equanimity, judgement, superiority, inferiority.

Your relationship with life is also how you perceive yourself and others,

for essentially we are one.


You may be aware of perceptions that no longer serve you.

Replace them with perceptions that do serve you.

Create your relationship with life as you like ~

literal, abstract, as a best friend, teacher,
parent, lover, however is perfect for you.


Commune with life or source now.

Verbally or in a deep feeling state.

Cherish your connection.


excerpt from
The Ecstasy of Practice


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Meditation in the east derives from the Sanskrit word Dhyana

meaning absorption of all there is.

In the west Medi is the Latin root for balance,
creating balance from within.


Meditation is simply observing the body, mind, senses,
subtleties that come and go from a place of
acceptance and non resistance.

It is a way of living as an open systemwith "what is".


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Navagraha is an ancient art harmonizing withthe cosmic influences
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Daily Grace


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April Astrology


Cosmic tools from Simone Mathews of
Universal Life Tools

for navigating April.  

Underwater Beauty










sit down and feel the coral

take a few minutes to enjoy the wonder

of the multitudes of expressions of life



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