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September Message

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September ~ A new season begins!

An adventurous spirit is necessary as we are off to school, ready to expand our being and try all new things.


Clean your house, your body, your mind of all 
clutter and old.  Freshen up the goods within
your pack 
preparing for a delightful journey 

beyond your current terrain.

 Gift giving of any kind reminds us of 
our true abundance and the feasts to come. 


I am filming Archetypal Yoga the yoga postures 

of the twelve earthly archetypes this month.

A wonderful yogic process,  I'm excited to share

with you soon. 


September is the perfect time to explore 
Blossom Your Presence Course.

The course is full of deepenings 
for your personal practice, 
all online 
to be accessed on your own timing.


Blossoming Wishes!



Love is a state of being ~ having to do with no one else.

When one is in love, one is love.  That is the outcome
not the source.  The source is that one is love.  ~ Osho

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Blossom Your Presence ~ All New!











Special Preview Version Available Now!

Blossom Your Presence
a richly deep and juicy self- guided course
to Blossom in every area of your life.


Through the ancient art of the eight petals of yoga

you will traverse an incredible inner journey.


Course Includes:

Four Short Journeys, Reflection Audio, Breathing Audio, Archetypal Yoga Video, Ancient Sun & Moon Audio, 

Gratitude Audio, & Mantra Meditations

 Added Resources
The Archetypes E-book, 

Loving Kindness  Meditation, 
Chakra Blossom, & Laughter Yoga Practice

Blossom Your Presence

Dreaming Awake






If things speak to us, it is because
we are open to them, 
we perceive them,

listen to them, and give them meaning.

~ Marc Alain Ouknin 


The language of images are a universal world transcending verbal language and concepts 

of the mind.  The power of dreaming helps us
access our right brain and seat of creation within.  


In a delightful childlike way we may find the root
of our issues while opening pathways to our truth.


Awake dreaming exercises are short 
so as not to think, allowing an authentic dream.  
Write it down immediately to capture
your inner truth.   


The Rainbow



by Catherine Shainberg author of
Kabbalah & the Power of Dreaming


Breathe out three times.

Imagine you are climbing
the great arc of a rainbow.

 Jump and play in each of the different colors

red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet.  


Feel how each produce a different feeling

in the body and heart center.  

Can you give these feelings names?


Breathe out once.

Walk all the way to the end of the rainbow
to find the treasure buried at the foot of it.


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Heart Coherence













A brief heart-based technique 

by Heartmath's Howard Martin
to establish heart-brain coherence. 

Heartmath is a recognized global leader
in emotional physiology, optimal function, 
stress-management research.


Enjoy a reflective meditation from
The Ecstasy of Practice


Heal ~ to return to nature