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January 2015 Forecast

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Happy New  Year!

May auspiciousness, loving kindness,

and an expanding consciousness be with you.


Just as the fibonacci sequence in nature adds

the past to the present in order to grow the

future, compassionate awareness of our past  naturally guides us into the greatest potential.  


My theme for 2015 is Wu Wei.

Wu wei is the eastern art of effortless action,

the path of non doing, being in tune
with your true self.

Cultivation of effortless action is simply 

remembering the true self in a given moment.

From this space action simply happens 

seemingly on its own.

Enclosed are wonderful tools in remembering the greatness you truly are:  

Telomere Health, Blossom Your Presence, Archetypal Yoga, Past Present Future Meditation. 

Auspicious Wishes,


Telomere Health


Telomeres are an essential part of human cells

 that affect how our cells age.  Telomeres are the caps 

at the end of each strand of DNA that protect our chromosomes, like the plastic tips at the end of shoelaces.  As these become frayed they can no longer 

do their job.  With telomere support we can lengthen and strengthen our DNA allowing our cells to do

their job. 



I am taking Product B telomere support supplement  as a part of healthy youthful aging. Blossoming Presence is now offering Product B  and other products.


I highly suggest the Isagenix 9 day cleanse to boost the body's resilience and vitality while loosing a few extra pounds.  I have done this cleanse three times and feel so much lighter from it.


Rejuvity Anti aging skincare is also available.

May your soul be happy.  Journey joyfully.

~ Rumi 

Blosssom Your Presence


You'll be given access to the Members Page on Blossoming Presence website

where you can explore these timeless practices 

over and again for new deepening and insights.


Receive the new year discount through January 15, 2015.  Blossom Your Presence ancient and innovative

practices ~ a treasure chest for the soul.

Blossom Your Presence

Archetypal Yoga

All new, hot off the camera,

18 minutes of yoga to rejuvenate and renew.


Are you looking to cultivate a healthier body?

Want to delve into a peaceful effortless flow in your life?  


This short practice is perfectly attainable.  Archetypal Yoga asana practice

is one of the eight limbs of yoga in the 

Blossom Your Presence Package.   

Blossom Your Yoga Now

Past Present Future Meditation

A classic meditation technique is to reflect upon 

the last cycle of your life with curiosity.   


Since you awoke this morning look back into your day. Notice some situations that arose, sensations felt in the body, images that come to mind.  Perhaps remembering a flower, tree, or an aspect of nature. Detailed awareness of the richness of life within only a few hours of living becomes apparent. 

Now let go of the your day, all that came before, your entire past and move into the present moment.  Notice your breath, body, thoughts, and sensations with a sense of adventure and ease.


Now bring your attention to your heart center.  Imagine a golden light shining out from your chest into the space in front of you representing your future.  See this light as a golden path.  

Breathe into the light with the intention of brightening the light with a feeling of gratitude.  


Now let go of your future as you come to rest in the present moment.  Tune into your true self 

allowing the state of being as doing, effortless creation.  


Savor gratitude for the greatness you truly are. 

© 2012 by Blossoming Presence  All rights reserved



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