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August Message

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Quiet times in August 

to Roar your inner Lion.

Harvest, Abundance,

 Travelling some place new

even in our dreams are natural 

for the eighth month of the year.

A time to be aware of our greatness

and apply it perfectly in our play.

As the poet and pediatrician 
William Carlos Williams says. 

In summer, the song sings itself. 


Blossoming Wishes 



That which makes life bearable
the diversity of creatures.
~TH White, The Book Of Merlyn
Six Appreciations


 Richard Rudd a great philosopher of our

times, developer of the Gene Keys, 
recently presented:  

Each Appreciation is an archetypal overall
presence we embody.  
 Reflect upon your
Appreciation in life. 


 The art of appreciation is accepting and
honoring each type of being.  Notice your 
unique relationships with various

 types of beings.  For instance Be interacting harmoniously with Build,
 how do we cultivate that 

relationship best? 


Six Appreciations 

1.  Silence ~ one who is here to BE

2.  Activity ~ one here to Do

3. Journey ~ one here to Learn

4. Dialogue ~ one to Share

5. Achievement ~ one here to Build

6.  Mission ~ one here to Envision 

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Blossom Your Presence ~ All New!











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Blossom Your Presence
a richly deep and juicy self- guided course
to Blossom in every area of your life.


Through the ancient art of the eight petals of yoga

you will traverse an incredible inner journey.


Course Includes:

Four Short Journeys, Reflection Audio, Breathing Audio, Archetypal Yoga Video, Ancient Sun & Moon Audio, 

Gratitude Audio, & Mantra Meditations

 Added Resources
The Archetypes E-book, 

Loving Kindness  Meditation, 
Chakra Blossom, & Laughter Yoga Practice

Blossom Your Presence

What Dreams May Come












Honoring Robin Williams 
for a beautiful life contribution.


Yogic Blessing

for those who have departed 

Now offering adorations to all those who are 
not visible to our physical eyes, 
who lived on this earth plane, now experiencing  
a different state of consciousness. 

Gratitude to those who have departed, 
provided us reflection and shown us the path.
May you be blessed with light and liberation. 


The universe is one whole ~ every atom connected 
with every other atom.  Planes of consciousness are
relative, not absolute, valid only to individuals.  
 Therefore an act, thought, or feeling originating in 
any part of the universe  infuses the others in the 
degree of intensity which it is generated.   

Sending our love.


Blossom & Hydrate













The amazing properties of water: 
absorbing, amplifying, nourishing, flowing,
and growing.  Infuse your water
with goodies for beauty, health,
and blossoming. 



   mango, berries, melons, lemon,
lime, grapefruit


essential oils
 peppermint, rose, cinnamon, cardamom,
lemon, lime, 
grapefruit, orange,

herbs & flowers
rose, all edible flowers,
basil, thyme, rosemary


ice cubes with edible flowers 

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Heal ~ to return to nature